Songs of my Life

Three songs –
Everyone has had a song that has stuck with them throughout their life. I can think of three of them that have always been part of mine.
Song #1 – Wasted on the Way by Crosby Stills & Nash
This song was our class song. I can remember how the pastor who led our graduation ceremony was suddenly concerned about our class when he heard the title of this song. He hung his head and was ready to weep for us, but someone said, “Listen to the words before your judge our choice.”
He listened and was suddenly surprised how he had miss judged us by a silly title.
Yes, I’ve wasted much time and so much more, regarding my life’s journey. That song is so true to my life. Now I do my best to make up for all which was wasted. Life can pass us by so fast.
Song #2 – Landslide by Stevie Nicks
When I went through my divorce, it was my song. I thought I had sat on top of a mountain looking down on the world, and then the landslide happened and my life changed forever. Years later, that change was for the best. I’ve never been happier.
Song #3 – My Favorite Things from the Sound of Music
Just like Maria says in the Sound of Music when I’m feeling sad, I simply remember my most favorite things and everything doesn’t seem so bad. I’ve known this song since I was little and even during the summer time I can still think of the lyrics and a smile will come to me and right my whole world.
Isn’t it funny how a song can make us feel?

Don’t Cut That!

Stop! Don’t cut that scene!


Oh my God, I almost did that. There was this scene I’ve been working on and it sounded horrible. I sat there and stared at it and was ready to highlight and cut and destroy, but I closed the program instead. That was over a week ago. I just couldn’t bring myself to work on the manuscript anymore, except for fiddling with character sketches and plot points.
Then I began playing the what if game with the storyline. What if this happened and then that. I came up with so many ideas that I think I can make work. Though, I still didn’t open up the program. I avoided it in every way I possible could.
Tonight was the first time in over a week that I decided to give the work in progress another look, rereading what I was tempted to delete.
Don’t delete! I’m so glad I didn’t. I can work with that. I merely needed to change a few things and wala, it’s going to be do-able.






I slaved hard over those words. Taking an ax to them would have set me back in the story.
I started to do this in The Dubious Heir – slashing a scene only to see later that it was a good scene. It just needed something to perk it up. I had cut it but saved it to a word file all of its own. The word count for that scene was more than 3k words. I’m glad I held onto it.




Have you ever chopped a scene from your manuscript?
Did you regret it?









Well Dug Goals for 2015 #amwriting

Image courtesy of The Commons Getty Collection Galleries World Map App via Bing Images

My new year is starting off with a bang. Well, sort of.

I hurried and finished reading a contemporary romance that I had started reading back in July. It’s not that the book was bad. It was pretty good in fact. It’s just that it wasn’t what I was really wanting to read.

Contemporary Romance is not really my favorite genre to read or write. It’s fantasy. I love fantasy, good epic, or high fantasy.

For the past year, I’ve been saying how I really needed to read Game of Thrones. Well, I went and bought the Kindle edition of the first book. I have a hard time putting the book down. It’s written in the same kind of style that I appear to write, making it an easy read for me.

I love how he draws out the characters and there’s plenty of conflict between everyone.

(making note: Conflict for each character – no one gets along with everyone they meet.)

He lets the characters set the setting.

(another note: Don’t be afraid to have the characters tell the setting for ye.)

He just about lists all of the character’s likes and dislikes when he introduces them to you.

(Note #3 – List each character likes & dislikes, even if they are about other characters.)

Now that I’ve made a few notes to fall back on, I’ve decided to go ahead and dig out one of the other works from this past November. After giving it another go around, I see it does have the potential after all.

With a well, I’ve been filling for the past few months I should have no problem flipping back and forth between more than one work in progress.

I still have yet to set my goals for the year.


1. Publish more than one book this year.

2. Write a minimum of 300 words a day.

3. Read one book a month/ or more.

4. Watch one fantasy/or historical movie a month.


5. Blog once a week.