Brainstorming with Super Structure

I’ve been busy trying to work on the next book. There was a delay in my progress for the past few months. I was laid up due to major surgery. Now that I feel better than I did two months ago, I’m getting back into the swing of things.
The other day, I came across this book. Super Structure: The Key to Unleashing the Power of the Story by James Scott Bell. This book is phenomenal! Oh, the brainstorming methods are the best I’ve ever come across. I’ve started a daily journal just for brainstorming. With only two days under my belt for using these methods, I think I may have almost all of my scenes thought out.
If you’re into writing, you should really check out this book.
It’s easy to understand and he does have a point with his method of the structure.
Who knows, maybe I’ll have this book written before I go back to work next week. It should be interesting.

#Free Days! The Dubious Heir eBook Editions to Giveaway

The dubious heir cover design
A gigolo who doesn’t know he is the heir to the throne and a Notorious Pirate’s daughter become involved in a deep plot to overtake the throne. The story is about a gigolo who is heir to the kingdom but doesn’t know it. It takes place in a tavern in a university town. The crux of the story involves someone reading a diary. The client is the daughter of a well-known pirate. She employs the gigolo knowing he is the heir to the throne. Her plan is to kidnap him and hold him for ransom and the release of her father who is being held prisoner in the Dungeon of Luxonbulm.

I haven’t met a person yet who doesn’t like receiving a free eBook. That’s exactly what I have for you. I’m not sure how long I will make this book free. It could be a week, a day, or a month.

What I’m hoping for is some reviews in exchange. I’d love to give away free paperback editions but I can’t do that at this time. I’m recovering from surgery. I need not say more.

Once I’m back to work, maybe then, I will be able to send out a free paperback or two on GoodReads. Until then, please enjoy my latest creation while I slowly begin to pound upon the keyboard as my recovery continues.

At this time, The Dubious Heir can be found free at iBooks, Kobo, and Smashwords. Barnes & Noble should be following suit in a few days. The Kindle Edition may take a few weeks unless you contact them and tell them that you have found this book free on another site.

Enjoy your Hot & Sexy Historical Romance!


Songs of my Life

Three songs –
Everyone has had a song that has stuck with them throughout their life. I can think of three of them that have always been part of mine.
Song #1 – Wasted on the Way by Crosby Stills & Nash
This song was our class song. I can remember how the pastor who led our graduation ceremony was suddenly concerned about our class when he heard the title of this song. He hung his head and was ready to weep for us, but someone said, “Listen to the words before your judge our choice.”
He listened and was suddenly surprised how he had miss judged us by a silly title.
Yes, I’ve wasted much time and so much more, regarding my life’s journey. That song is so true to my life. Now I do my best to make up for all which was wasted. Life can pass us by so fast.
Song #2 – Landslide by Stevie Nicks
When I went through my divorce, it was my song. I thought I had sat on top of a mountain looking down on the world, and then the landslide happened and my life changed forever. Years later, that change was for the best. I’ve never been happier.
Song #3 – My Favorite Things from the Sound of Music
Just like Maria says in the Sound of Music when I’m feeling sad, I simply remember my most favorite things and everything doesn’t seem so bad. I’ve known this song since I was little and even during the summer time I can still think of the lyrics and a smile will come to me and right my whole world.
Isn’t it funny how a song can make us feel?

Super Sonic Puppy Power

Puppy Power!

Keelaa is 8 months old. Our friendly Chihuahua/Dachshund mix is agile as a weasel. Play, play, play, it’s all she wants to do all day.

Super Sonic Puppy Power
This puppy moves at the speed of light.

Our cat, Sam, who tries to be as grumpy as Grumpy Cat can be, is always on the lookout for the terror on four legs.

He says, “Don’t touch my tail!”

She asks, “But why? You can’t stop me! You can’t catch me!

“I touched your tail!”

Grumpy Cat Wannabe
“Don’t touch my tail!”

Maybe someday the two will get along. For now, Keelaa will have to settle for being the fastest dog in the Northeast and a cat’s greatest terror on four legs.

She only wants to be his friend. Keelaa can’t help that his tail looks so inviting and daring to touch with her nose.

Once again, the crows are right…

Saps running!

Every year we wait for the crows to return. Before we tapped our first tree, we never noticed the crows would leave for approximately four to eight weeks out of the year. Most times, they’re back by February 14. This year they were late.

Crows are smarter than we think.
Dig deep. New Caledonian crows are known to use tools; they can also … Image courtesy of via Bing Images creative commons.

We hung our buckets after wading through 3 to 4 feet of snow. The temps were climbing to the lower 40’s. Thankfully the snow was starting to compact, making the track up the hill easier to climb.

We tapped five trees and hung six buckets. I was delighted to see the sap running from the tree as soon as the tap hole was drilled.


Starting tomorrow, we’ll probably go and collect the buckets and replace them with others. (We use gallon water jugs for our buckets.) The ones we take will be placed in the freezer until we have enough sap to make a batch of syrup.

A maple syrup tap
A maple syrup tap (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The first time we made our syrup – almost 5 years ago, we didn’t know what to expect. We boiled and boiled it down waiting for the sap to change to an amber color. It never happened. When I took what was left upstairs to cook on the range, the sap was still crystal clear. By this time, there wasn’t much left. I cooked it down more, until there was hardly any left.

Little did I know that our sap was grade A++ Vermont Grade A++. Apparently, when the color is clear, it is top quality sap. Had I known, I would have stopped before there wasn’t much left.

This year I will know to stop processing when the temperature of the sap reaches the range of 185 – 219.

The Groundhog Lied – So much for global warming

Oh no! The price of gas is rising again, and so much for global warming. I was only joking when I said “Winter is Coming!” It was only meant to be a line from The Game of Thrones. I didn’t expect winter to last ten years. Well, at least it seems to have. Will winter ever end?

We have too much snow. The politicians in Washington are still playing squabble over bills to see who has more power with nothing getting done. More snow on the way. And, the price of gas is back up to $2.29 a gallon.
I only saw a $1.99 for one week. That’s all. We managed to fill our tank that week and haven’t seen the price of gas that low since. So much for that affordable trip to see my daughter this summer. I’ll still have to go one way or the other since it will be my Granddaughter’s first dance recital.
I can’t wait for – Spring – Gardening – Surf fishing – barbecuing – homegrown tomatoes –
and the next batch of laying hens.
We have three original chickens left. The oldest has been around since 2009. They haven’t been laying eggs since September. It’s been a while. Something ran off with three of the hens in the middle of the night back then and the girls haven’t been the same since. It must have been a pretty traumatic event.

A trio of Ameraucana hens housed in this coop....
A trio of Ameraucana hens housed in this coop. Located in a Portland, Oregon backyard. On the left is their nest box for egg laying. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Chick days are coming soon!

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