Super Sonic Puppy Power

Puppy Power!

Keelaa is 8 months old. Our friendly Chihuahua/Dachshund mix is agile as a weasel. Play, play, play, it’s all she wants to do all day.

Super Sonic Puppy Power
This puppy moves at the speed of light.

Our cat, Sam, who tries to be as grumpy as Grumpy Cat can be, is always on the lookout for the terror on four legs.

He says, “Don’t touch my tail!”

She asks, “But why? You can’t stop me! You can’t catch me!

“I touched your tail!”

Grumpy Cat Wannabe
“Don’t touch my tail!”

Maybe someday the two will get along. For now, Keelaa will have to settle for being the fastest dog in the Northeast and a cat’s greatest terror on four legs.

She only wants to be his friend. Keelaa can’t help that his tail looks so inviting and daring to touch with her nose.

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