The Groundhog Lied – So much for global warming

Oh no! The price of gas is rising again, and so much for global warming. I was only joking when I said “Winter is Coming!” It was only meant to be a line from The Game of Thrones. I didn’t expect winter to last ten years. Well, at least it seems to have. Will winter ever end?

We have too much snow. The politicians in Washington are still playing squabble over bills to see who has more power with nothing getting done. More snow on the way. And, the price of gas is back up to $2.29 a gallon.
I only saw a $1.99 for one week. That’s all. We managed to fill our tank that week and haven’t seen the price of gas that low since. So much for that affordable trip to see my daughter this summer. I’ll still have to go one way or the other since it will be my Granddaughter’s first dance recital.
I can’t wait for – Spring – Gardening – Surf fishing – barbecuing – homegrown tomatoes –
and the next batch of laying hens.
We have three original chickens left. The oldest has been around since 2009. They haven’t been laying eggs since September. It’s been a while. Something ran off with three of the hens in the middle of the night back then and the girls haven’t been the same since. It must have been a pretty traumatic event.

A trio of Ameraucana hens housed in this coop....
A trio of Ameraucana hens housed in this coop. Located in a Portland, Oregon backyard. On the left is their nest box for egg laying. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Chick days are coming soon!


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