Don’t Cut That!

Stop! Don’t cut that scene!


Oh my God, I almost did that. There was this scene I’ve been working on and it sounded horrible. I sat there and stared at it and was ready to highlight and cut and destroy, but I closed the program instead. That was over a week ago. I just couldn’t bring myself to work on the manuscript anymore, except for fiddling with character sketches and plot points.
Then I began playing the what if game with the storyline. What if this happened and then that. I came up with so many ideas that I think I can make work. Though, I still didn’t open up the program. I avoided it in every way I possible could.
Tonight was the first time in over a week that I decided to give the work in progress another look, rereading what I was tempted to delete.
Don’t delete! I’m so glad I didn’t. I can work with that. I merely needed to change a few things and wala, it’s going to be do-able.






I slaved hard over those words. Taking an ax to them would have set me back in the story.
I started to do this in The Dubious Heir – slashing a scene only to see later that it was a good scene. It just needed something to perk it up. I had cut it but saved it to a word file all of its own. The word count for that scene was more than 3k words. I’m glad I held onto it.




Have you ever chopped a scene from your manuscript?
Did you regret it?










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