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As soon as the Captain and his crew entered the inn another group rose from the table, paid and left, freeing up space. Nods and greetings were passed about on their way to the table as it was being cleared by their goblin waitress for the night. She was short and stout and full of vigor and hopes of making a substantial tip at the end of the night.
“What may I get you and your men tonight?”
“Bring us the house.”
The waitress clapped her hands together, delighted to have the best patrons of the night. “Leg of lamb, goat cheese, boar’s head, and plum pudding bread will be right out. Do you want your regular along with that? The jug of mead?”
“Aye, lassie, a large jug of mead will be good, and a romp with you later.” The Captain reached out and smacked his hand gently against the goblins rump and gave it a provocative rub. She let out a quick giggle and hurried away into the kitchen to gather the fixings for her patrons.
“How can you carry on with a goblin?” Hurley asked as soon as the waitress was out of earshot.
“Easy,” replied Tyler, a deck hand, “put a sack over her head and turn out the light.”
The table sounded with hand slaps on wood and bold laughter.
“Aye, what makes you so sure it will be that goblin I will be taking up with later?”
“Well.” Hurley mimicked the captain’s hand movement on the goblin’s arse in the empty air beside him. “What else am I to think?”
The crew laughed again.
“Go ahead and laugh. You see that one over there?” The captain pointed to a young maiden elf tending another table across the room. She did not look happy with her patrons, a group of king’s men. “She will be my mark for tonight.”
“That we’ll have to see.” A voice announced directly behind the captain.
Heads turned, the room went silent.
“Duke Ellington, what a lovely surprise. What brings you in this neck of the woods?” Hurley asked pleasantly.
“Why, it’s your captain.”
“Oh? What is it that you need of our Captain?” Hurley asked.
Duke Ellington opened up the scroll and read: “Captain Pellesi, you are hereby ordered under arrest by the King of Luxonbulm for piracy. Guards seize him.”



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