Well Dug Goals for 2015 #amwriting

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My new year is starting off with a bang. Well, sort of.

I hurried and finished reading a contemporary romance that I had started reading back in July. It’s not that the book was bad. It was pretty good in fact. It’s just that it wasn’t what I was really wanting to read.

Contemporary Romance is not really my favorite genre to read or write. It’s fantasy. I love fantasy, good epic, or high fantasy.

For the past year, I’ve been saying how I really needed to read Game of Thrones. Well, I went and bought the Kindle edition of the first book. I have a hard time putting the book down. It’s written in the same kind of style that I appear to write, making it an easy read for me.

I love how he draws out the characters and there’s plenty of conflict between everyone.

(making note: Conflict for each character – no one gets along with everyone they meet.)

He lets the characters set the setting.

(another note: Don’t be afraid to have the characters tell the setting for ye.)

He just about lists all of the character’s likes and dislikes when he introduces them to you.

(Note #3 – List each character likes & dislikes, even if they are about other characters.)

Now that I’ve made a few notes to fall back on, I’ve decided to go ahead and dig out one of the other works from this past November. After giving it another go around, I see it does have the potential after all.

With a well, I’ve been filling for the past few months I should have no problem flipping back and forth between more than one work in progress.

I still have yet to set my goals for the year.


1. Publish more than one book this year.

2. Write a minimum of 300 words a day.

3. Read one book a month/ or more.

4. Watch one fantasy/or historical movie a month.


5. Blog once a week.

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3 thoughts on “Well Dug Goals for 2015 #amwriting”

  1. One great thing about the A Song of Ice and Fire books, he kind of casually gives so much detail about secondary characters (usually via the relationship that they have with a major character) that those second string characters really gain depth and substance.

    Just from how every Stark had some relation with him, I could tell you a lot about Ned’s guard captain, Jory Cassel.

    That’s some solid work.

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    1. A year ago, I watched season 1 on DVD that was borrowed from a friend. I fell in love with every character and hated certain ones – especially Joffery.
      Now as I read this book, I find I’m trying to study every aspect George Martin used to write the story. I love how he slips the descriptions of the setting in and tells the tale.
      Oh, and Tyrion – the Dwarf Lannister – he may be rude, but funny and smart.

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