Insane Desires – #WIP

I’m loving this story, the one I ditched my NaNoWriMo for. I’m about to begin the third chapter of Insane Desires.

Here’s the blurb that’s been cooked up for it.


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Book Cover yet to come…

Insane Desires

By Lydia Clark

Her brother thinks she is insane because she hopes to one day be a woman of stature. So what if she is a commoner. At least she has a desire, wants and dreams which she is willing to act upon.

But she never expects to be left in charge of Gyles Velley’s steed. The knight leaves his horse in her charge without knowing that she is not a he while she poses as nothing more than a stable boy. How will she explain herself when she has to tell him his horse has gotten away?

Gyles thinks he is going insane because he is having thoughts of a different nature about the stable boy. Is he losing his mind and going insane?

Beth drives him insane, body, mind and soul.


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