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The Dubious Heir by Lydia  Clark

The Dubious Heir

by Lydia Clark

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Insane Desires – #WIP

I’m loving this story, the one I ditched my NaNoWriMo for. I’m about to begin the third chapter of Insane Desires.

Here’s the blurb that’s been cooked up for it.


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Book Cover yet to come…

Insane Desires

By Lydia Clark

Her brother thinks she is insane because she hopes to one day be a woman of stature. So what if she is a commoner. At least she has a desire, wants and dreams which she is willing to act upon.

But she never expects to be left in charge of Gyles Velley’s steed. The knight leaves his horse in her charge without knowing that she is not a he while she poses as nothing more than a stable boy. How will she explain herself when she has to tell him his horse has gotten away?

Gyles thinks he is going insane because he is having thoughts of a different nature about the stable boy. Is he losing his mind and going insane?

Beth drives him insane, body, mind and soul.

If it weren’t for the immigrants, we wouldn’t be here

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I’m not an immigrant. But does that mean I should be against those who want to live in my country?

Come on people! How was the United States founded in the first place? How many of us can claim to be Native American Descendants?

They are the only true Americans living in the United States.

It’s Thanksgiving… Think about it folks…

How did Thanksgiving come to be? Didn’t people travel across the sea to this country and lay claim to it? Why should that be any different for the people of today?

I know my family tree takes me all the way back to the Mayflower and I’m proud of it. I know that they survived the first winter here with the help of the native Americans. I’m thankful for that too. I wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for the Indian’s teaching the people at Plymouth Plantation what they could eat, and how to stay warm.

Why not allow those who want to be US citizens become US citizens?

Don’t you think it would only be right?

Thankful Thinking

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Thanksgiving is only one week away!

The holiday season is upon us. Stores are fully stocked for Christmas. Are you ready?

I’m not sure if I am.

Next week will be a vacation week for me. My plans are for tons of baking, working on a NaNo project that I have abandoned. (I have a substitute file I started a week into NaNo. I may wind up going on to that story instead. It has a plot while the other one has nothing at all.)

Oh, and then there are some books I need to read too.

Black Friday sales?

I’m not sure if I will be brave enough to venture out into the mob this year. I may wait a day or two. Or maybe, I will hit the store before Thanksgiving.

What will you be doing Thanksgiving week?

Lots of Baking?


Or will you be doing a week long marathon to try and catch up with your NaNo WriMo project?

New Release: The Dubious Heir – Fantasy Romance

The Dubious Heir is releasing early on Amazon Kindle! November 5th, but you can pre-order this ebook now.


The waitress clapped her hands together, delighted to have the best patrons of the night. “Leg of lamb, goat cheese, boar’s head, and plum pudding bread will be right out. Do you want your regular along with that? The jug of mead?”

“Aye, lassie, a large jug of mead will be good, and a romp with you later.” The Captain reached out and smacked his hand gently against the goblins rump and gave it a provocative rub. She let out a quick giggle and hurried away into the kitchen to gather the fixings for her patrons.

“How can you carry on with a goblin?” Hurley asked as soon as the waitress was out of earshot.

“Easy,” replied Tyler, a deck hand, “put a sack over her head and turn out the light.”

The table sounded with hand slaps on wood and bold laughter.

“Aye, what makes you so sure it will be that goblin I will be taking up with later?”

“Well.” Hurley mimicked the captain’s hand movement on the goblin’s arse in the empty air beside him. “What else am I to think?”

The crew laughed again.

“Go ahead and laugh. You see that one over there?” The captain pointed to a young maiden elf tending another table across the room. She did not look happy with her patrons, a group of king’s men. “She will be my mark for tonight.”

“That we’ll have to see.” A voice announced directly behind the captain.

Heads turned, the room went silent.

“Duke Ellington, what a lovely surprise. What brings you in this neck of the woods?” Hurley asked pleasantly.

“Why, it’s your captain.”

“Oh? What is it that you need of our Captain?” Hurley asked.

Duke Ellington opened up the scroll and read: “Captain Pellesi, you are hereby ordered under arrest by the King of Luxonbulm for piracy. Guards seize him.”